A venture firm for the creative class

We are a venture firm for the creative class, at the intersection of technology and creativity, focused on opportunities in digital lifestyle.


Everything we do is with entrepreneurs in mind

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with big ideas, to help them build strong brands that stand out and that move the world forward. We ambition to partner with the best entrepreneurs, the creative agents of change of digital lifestyle.


We are a conviction-driven firm

Our world isn't black and white, things are never obvious and making investment decisions requires conviction. We are very clear on the type of companies and founders we want to back and will act fast when we find them.


Every investment counts

We like to meet founders early, build a relationship, long before any transaction, and set common goals. As a small and focused firm, every investment we make matters, making us more aligned with founders.


We are entrepreneurs in venture capital

We are just like the companies and entrepreneurs we want to back. We are hungry, scrappy, a start-up with big ambitions. The best founders will always have options.  We want to convince them to partner with us, and earn the right to be the 1st call, for good or bad news.


"Work hard & be nice to people"

We have a poster in our office that says just that. That's our style. We do the work. We aim to behave impeccably as integrity and work ethics matter, a lot. We love what we do and love when we get referrals through the founders and teams we work with. Our reputation is one of the
best measures of our performance.   


We know what we are looking for

We look at every opportunity through a simple lens. We love passionate, mission-driven founders, who can scale with their business. We look for companies with a global ambition, including the ability to conquer the EU & US markets, where we can help. Finally we seek companies with a mission, a soul, and the ability to craft a unique proposition thanks to technology.


We offer differentiated capital

We are not a generalist firm. We focus on Digital Commerce, Digital Media and Connected Life (including technology & well-being), where we have conviction, domain knowledge, and clear investment themes. We offer flexible capital, investing $100,000 to $10 million early, typically in first or second rounds, or even later in breakout companies in our target segments.


We are here for the long term

We chose the hardest route, starting a new firm from scratch, assembling our investors, our advisors, and our team members one by one, in alignment with our vision and mission. We are building a Partnership by choice, for the long term.


Why we called ourselves “Felix”

Felix means "happy" in Latin. That's our way of saying that we want to back entrepreneurs who are focused on product, on making their customers happy. Felix also means "lucky" in Latin, which always helps for an investor! We wanted a name that is approachable, personable, reflecting our style - professional, but with a sense of humour - and not just full of testosterone like many VC brands.

We are open for business. Please get in touch.